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The ACT mathematics test: 6 tips for test day

The ACT mathematics test is one of four multiple-choice tests you will encounter on ACT test day (along with the optional writing test, if you signed up to take it). This test measures the math skills students have typically gained at school up to the beginning of grade 12. The test contains 60 questions, and you will have 60 minutes to complete them. You may use an ACT-approved calculator on the test, but it is not required. It covers math skills related to real and complex number systems, algebra, functions, geometry, and statistics and probability, and how well you can synthesize and apply your understanding of these concepts to solve complex problems. Here are six tips to keep in mind while taking the ACT mathematics test: 1. Use your calculator wisely. All of the mathematics problems ...

The ACT English test: 6 tips to remember on test day

The ACT English test is one of four multiple-choice tests you will take on ACT test day. (There is also an optional writing test.) The test puts you in the position of a writer or editor who makes decisions to revise or edit the presented text. It measures the following skills: Your understanding of the English language and its conventions—Sentence structure, punctuation, word usage Your understanding of the writing process—Identifying a purpose and focus of a passage Your knowledge of language skills—Using the correct word choice and consistency in style and tone There are 75 questions on the English test, and you will have 45 minutes to complete them. The test is structured around five essays or passages, each followed by a set of multiple-choice questions. Some questions refer to portio...

5 key test day strategies: Do your best on the test!

ACT® test day doesn’t have to be a stressful or anxious situation. It’s an exciting first step toward your future, and knowing how to take the test will help give you a more relaxed and productive test day experience. Using good judgment and caution while you take the test is just as important as knowing the test’s content. To do your best on the ACT, remember not to rush yourself. Be mindful and careful. Remember these tips: Pace yourself. Make sure you have enough time to read the questions and figure out your responses. Spend less time on the questions you are confident you got right so you can use the remaining time to review questions that were difficult for you. Avoid spending too much time on any single question. Read the directions carefully. You will notice that ...

What is the ACT writing test (and why should I take it)?

When you sign up to take your ACT® test, you have the opportunity to take the optional ACT writing test—a 40-minute essay test that measures your writing skills. Some universities (or academic programs within those universities) require the ACT writing test for admission, while others do not. This is why ACT made the writing test the only optional section of the overall ACT test. If you are considering taking the writing test on your test day, your first priority should be to determine whether your top university choices require the writing exam. Keep in mind there is an extra fee to take the writing test, so finding the requirement before registration will save you money! What does the test measure? The writing test contains a single question describing a complex issue and asks you to sha...

UPDATED: Watch a Webinar on ACT Test Prep

Webinar: What Test Prep is Right for Me? Duration: 60 minutes Students face high stakes when taking a university admissions exam, as the scores they achieve are a huge factor in gaining acceptance to university. That is why so many students take advantage of free or paid test prep. But choosing the right test prep tools can be overwhelming. Watch this free webinar designed to inform students, parents, and educators about test prep options created by the makers of the ACT test. We will cover which test prep tools students should consider, based on their needs, and talk about strategies students can use to fully prepare for test day. Click here to view the webinar!

ACT Online Prep: Prepare for the ACT Anytime, Anywhere!

Are you looking to get an edge on taking the ACT test with the flexibility to prepare whenever and wherever you have time? ACT Online Prep is your answer. ACT Online Prep is the only online test preparation tool from the makers of the ACT test. ACT Online Prep can give you the confidence and readiness to achieve your best score on the ACT test. Featuring real questions from previous versions of the ACT test, ACT Online Prep helps you become familiar with the test content (and receive a predicted ACT test score) while receiving personalized learning paths to track and improve your progress. With your six-month subscription to ACT Online Prep, you will receive: Full-length practice tests to simulate the actual ACT exam A free mobile app Tools to track your progress A game center to further t...

Introducing ACT Rapid Review: Affordable live and on-demand test prep

Students now have more online learning resources to help them increase their academic readiness with the introduction of ACT® Rapid Review™ by Kaplan. ACT Rapid Review by Kaplan is a suite of products offering all the benefits of livestreaming instruction and a comprehensive video library. Students can drop into a live virtual classroom or watch recorded video sessions, all taught by expert instructors. ACT Rapid Review offers three options to fit students’ unique needs and learning styles: ACT® Rapid Review™ Live provides the last-minute content focus students need to be ready on test day, with access to a virtual classroom and live teaching from expert instructors. ACT® Rapid Review™ On Demand features a video archive where students can access a library of top-quality recorded instructio...

UPDATE: Students in China can practice taking the ACT test before the December test date

Students in China will get a chance to practice taking the ACT® university admissions exam by taking an ACT mock test!   This opportunity will be available in five cities on 1 December, and the deadline to sign up is 25 November!. Use the registration link below to participate.   ACT CBT Mock Testing—China Date: 1 December Locations: Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Nanjing, and Hefei Registration link: https://eztest.org/student/enroll/753/#/ Telephone: 0086-13671713546 Click here for more information about ACT mock testing.

Infographic: 12 ways to reduce test anxiety

It’s normal for students to be nervous about taking a university entrance exam. After all, it represents their first big step toward university and their desired careers. That’s why we have included a helpful infographic with 12 tips to reduce test anxiety. Some are as simple as keeping a positive attitude, while also remembering the tools that are built into the computer-based test format to help students narrow down answer choices and focus on important text. Click here to download the infographic.

ACT Rapid Review: Live, online, just-in-time test prep

Students can get some affordable, last-minute test prep for the October ACT® test with ACT Rapid Review Live from Kaplan. Rapid Review features live, online instruction from ACT test experts, and students can learn tips and strategies for mastering math, science, English, reading, or all four areas. Courses are offered at introductory or advanced instruction levels. Lessons are being offered now until 25 October–just in time for the 26-27 October ACT test dates! Individual classes take approximately 2.5 hours to complete and are offered from $25 for a single course to $75 for an all-access pass. Click here to sign up for a Rapid Review course! If you have not registered for the October ACT test, click here to sign up before the 19 October deadline!