3 reasons to take the ACT in September

Hundreds of thousands of students choose to take the ACT® test in September as a first step toward preparing for university. The 13–14 September ACT test dates can be a good testing option for those students in grades 11 and 12. Here are some reasons why.

To set a benchmark for retesting (grade 11/12). Many students plan to take the ACT more than once until they achieve their desired score needed for university applications. If you plan to retest, taking the ACT in September gives you a place to start—a score you can improve upon the next time you take the test. It also allows grade 12 students some time to retest in October and December, if needed, before university application deadlines in early 2020.

To help plan your schooling (grade 11). If you are entering grade 11, your ACT subject area scores (in reading, math, English, science, and the optional writing test) can be an excellent indicator of where you need to improve academically before graduation. This can help you adjust what courses to take during grades 11 and 12 and focus on what areas you need to work on before attending university.

To help earn scholarships (grade 12). Many scholarships use ACT scores in their award decisions. If you find scholarships that require a certain ACT score, take or retake the test to achieve that score and earn some money for university.

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