Why every point on the ACT test matters

Did you know that increasing your ACT® Composite score by a single test point can expand your access to financial aid and increase your chances at being admitted to university?

Here are some reasons why:

  • ACT scores are a huge factor in how universities decide which students to admit (along with students’ performance in school and the quality of their university application).
  • Universities are looking for high-achieving students to admit, and a high ACT score is a key indicator of academic achievement.
  • ACT scores also play a big role in merit-based scholarships—awards that are based on achievement. Many financial awards set a certain ACT score level as a requirement, so achieving a specific ACT score could affect the amount of award for which you qualify.

Every point matters. This is why many students prefer to take the ACT test more than once. The majority of students raise their score the second time, which opens opportunities for university acceptance and financial aid.

ACT offers many tools to help students boost their ACT scores and academic levels, including: