What students are saying about computer-based testing

Students around the world participated in the first computer-based ACT® test in September. ACT has received plenty of feedback, and fortunately, students found a lot to like about the new format. Here are some student reactions, as taken from a recent ACT survey:

  • Getting scores quicker!
  • Saves time not having to bubble answer sheets
  • Easier to type essays than to handwrite
  • Liked the answer eliminator tool
  • Liked having my own on-screen timer
  • Liked that the passage and items were all on the same screen for the reading test—no flipping back and forth
  • Liked the highlighting in the English and reading passages that pointed students to the relevant section of text to answer the question
  • Liked the ability to flag items and return to them

Students also want to see improvements in the process. Some students reported technology problems that delayed or prevented testing at their test center during the scheduled testing period. Others had concerns about test navigation or using a whiteboard rather than scratch paper to determine answers.

ACT is constantly working to improve the testing experience for students and welcomes examinee feedback! Be sure to contact ACT at act-reg@act.org with any questions or concerns about the test itself, the registration process, score reporting, or other issues.