Parents: Do you struggle with helping your children improve academically?

ACT now offers a new tool for parents looking to help their children succeed academically. ACT Recommends collects world-class online learning tools for K-12 learners, as curated by the experts at ACT.

Parents do not have to be learning experts to use ACT Recommends. Instead, they can rely on the learning expertise of ACT team members! ACT Recommends content is selected by the learning, subject matter, and student engagement experts at ACT. This content comes from top providers of online learning tools and high-quality resources for all kinds of learning needs, including:

  • BrainPOP—An essential engagement tool that allows both students and teachers to be involved in the learning process
  • Cell Command—Learn the role of critical cell structures as students return their team safely to the station
  • Reach for the Sun—Grow a plant seedling through the seasons to pollinate and produce flowers.
  • Sleep Furiously—Unleash children’s imagination by finding complete sentences in a grid of jumbled words

Best of all, ACT Recommends uses parent feedback to find the right learning solutions for their child and select content tailored to each student’s needs.

Click here to explore the tools ACT Recommends has to offer.