A “smart library” of 500,000 classroom tools article
For educators: A “smart library” of 500,000 classroom tools

ACT has unveiled a “smart library” of online resources to help educators align classroom content to learning goals. The resources are an expansion of ACT® Academy™, the free online learning platform that was launched in March to help students improve their core academic skills for success in college and career.

The library allows educators to discover their students’ academic strengths and determine areas for improvement by providing them with the most relevant, effective content when and where they need it most—in the classroom. Learning goals can be personalized to each student or to the class as a whole.

“The beauty of the smart library is that it enhances teachers’ ability to do what they do best: help their students learn,” said ACT Chief Commercial Officer Suzana Delanghe. “By providing over 500,000 of the best educational videos, games, assessments, homework assignments and lesson plans, all in one place, ACT Academy takes the guesswork out of lesson planning, so that teachers have more time to teach and students receive more effective, personalized instruction.”

ACT Academy is designed to integrate easily with existing learning management systems, allowing teachers to assign ACT Academy homework content and quizzes to students, view individual performance and progress and assign resources recommended by ACT Academy, which are tailored to students’ areas of need.

With ACT Academy, implementing a blended learning environment in the classroom is simplified by providing personalized resources based on student gaps as well as robust classroom reporting that pinpoints areas of need across groups.

Educators may visit act.org/academy to access the smart library and begin using ACT Academy resources in their classrooms.