ACT Accommodations: Things to Remember
ACT Test Accommodations: What Remains and What’s Changing

Some educators, parents, and students have shared concerns about how the switch to computer-based ACT® testing (CBT) at non-US test centers will affect students who request test accommodations. Here are some things to keep in mind.

What’s remaining the same

  • ACT will continue to provide accommodations for students who qualify.
  • Students will continue to work with school officials to request accommodations from ACT.
  • Students will still take the ACT at test centers unless requested accommodations require Special Testing at their home school.
  • Paper testing is still available for students who require accommodations not available on the computer-based test.

What’s changing

  • Students who qualify for extended testing time now can receive that accommodation on each section of the test—a 50% time extension for each multiple-choice test and the optional writing test. This accommodation is available on the paper- and computer-delivered test. All other accommodations are still available with the paper test.
  • Students who qualify can choose a preference between computer testing at an ACT test center or paper testing at their school.
  • The CBT format includes tools to improve accessibility—including a line reader, magnifier, answer masking, browser zoom, and highlighter.

Click here for more information on how to request test accommodations when registering for the ACT test.